Making the jump from university back to home

May 29, 2016

Come September, the Blogsphere will be flooded with posts about how to make the transition into university as easy as possible. Spoiler alert: It will never be easy. You’ll see posts about meal planning and not feeling pressured into being the ideal party-going Fresher and how to be savvy with your measly student loan. Hey, you’ll probably see a fair few of those over here on my little corner of the internet, too. I like to try and make your life easier with lessons that will inevitably be ignored because every Fresher makes their own mistakes.

However, I do think there’s one thing that’s marginally harder than moving from home to uni: moving back from uni to home. Granted, you get your food cooked for you and it’s great to be able to see all of the people you’ve missed over the past year. But still, you will undoubtedly mourn your independence and ability to eat Pot Noodles at 4am. If you just shed a tear at that prospect, I’m not judging you. We all know the struggle. Anyway, in a weird kind of post that is the antithesis of ‘Fresher’s guidance’, here’s a little something something to help you stay sane and keep you from throwing flip flops at family members over the summer. You’re all welcome.

Create a purpose 

Leaving uni for summer left me feeling utterly disorientated. One second I had a thousand assignments to get finished, dinner to cook and a bathroom to clean. The next I was sitting on my bed wondering what to do next (that didn’t involve the piles of boxes next to me). When you have so much time to do with which you please, you need to create a purpose and keep yourself busy, or you might very well go insane. I went out and got myself a part-time job. I dedicated myself to blogging a hell of a lot more. I decided to start reading a little bit every morning. Whatever you do, you need goals to head towards so that you don’t feel like life back home is utterly stagnant.

Alone time 

At university, you can kind of dictate whether or not you want to see another human. You know, not leaving your room until you’re sure you’ve heard nobody clinking plates in the kitchen, that sort of thing. At home, not so much. I know that you love spending time with your younger brother drawing pictures of Disney Princesses or whatever, but if you’re like me, you still need some serious alone time. Don’t feel guilty for temporarily distancing yourself. Space is what you’re used to.

Remember that you’re going back 

Remember five days ago when you were living in a tiny single room and pondering whether beans or alcohol were more essential to your survival and therefore worthy of your precious student loan? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but that time will soon be upon you once more. Unless you’re a third year, in which case: Congrats! Basically, I’m trying to tell you to save any money you make in your summer job and to get on top of that second year reading list. Soz to be a party pooper.

Embrace what you’ve missed 

Family time. Home cooked meals. Cuddles with your dogs. The severe drop in any responsibilities. Being home is pretty damn great, if you ask me. So, cherish every moment that you longed for whilst you were at university. And shut up about missing the night life. We all know you sat in your room blogging the evenings away…

  1. Emily

    May 30th, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Thank you so much for doing this post! I go home from uni this weekend, and I am excited for the home cooked meals (no more microwave pasta) I know I'll miss my friends and the freedom! I definitely think I'll get more into blogging again as I've been so stressed with dissertation etc. It's going to be strange, but all the same, it'll be good to unwind and relax a little too!Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blogxx

  2. BethanyAustin

    May 30th, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    You're more than welcome, Emily! Thank you for reading. It's definitely more relaxing when you get home isn't it? I feel like it's because you know that there are people in the house that are more responsible than you, so you can stop pretending to be an adult hah! xx

  3. Yuka Suzuki

    June 3rd, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    This is all so relatable in so many ways! I just had my last day of first semester today and I'm ready to just get through exams and go home to my family and my boyfriend for the holidays. I'm already halfway through my year – another 1 and a half yrs to go, but time flies so quickly in Uni it's crazy! Thanks for sharing! xx


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