Girl Love #7

Jan 19, 2017

Do you ever feel so good that you start to question yourself?

“Why am I feeling so bloody amazing? Do I not have work to be stressing over? Have I forgotten about some form of impending doom?”

Becuase that has been my internal monologue throughout January so far. I’ve been feeling glowy. The kind of glowy that means I smile at people in the street and wake up wanting to do my work. Yep, even in this gloomy London weather where it’s pretty much perpetually dark and rainy.  Frankly, even though it’s been rather wonderful, it also left me feeling kind of befuddled. I had no idea where this internal glow had come from. I didn’t know whether it was the residual happiness left over from Christmas or the fact that I’ve been reading “You Are a Badass” in preparation for this month’s Blogs and Books Club. To be honest, I think they’ve both had something to do with it. I’m like a badass who is still all full of cheese and festive cheer. But on top of that, I realised that I’ve been surrounding myself with the right kinds of people. Both online and off, I’ve been absorbing the enthusiasm and peace of the positive influences in my life and learning to deflect negative energy. I’m slowly becoming more aware of the stories that I tell myself, which was one of my resolutions for 2017.

Whilst I’m still processing this change within myself, it seemed that a Girl Love post was in order to point you all in the direction of some of the amazing women whose online presences have had a positive impact on my life over the past month or so.

Hey Fran Hey

I’ve been a fan of Fran for a while now, but only recently did she become a part of my everyday life. Even though I’ve always adored her blog and her youtube channel, it was discovering The Friend Zone, a podcast she makes with her equally amazing friends Dustin and Assante, that was the real game changer. It meant that I could listen to her chat about wellness whilst on my morning walks – another of my 2017 resolutions. I find myself thinking about her words long after they’ve been said and ruminating on the topics the trio discuss for days at a time.

If you want to become a more self-reflective person then you need Fran and The Friend Zone in your life.

Shameless Maya

How I’ve only just discovered Maya on Youtube is a mystery to me. But in January, I felt like I was drawn to her channel by the universe. That sounds ridiculous, but she really came into my life at just the right time. In the quest to become the best version of myself, Maya’s shamelessness and honesty about how she’s got to where she is in life has helped endlessly. Her videos have also encouraged me to explore the spiritual side of myself, which I feel like I’ve neglected somewhat in the past.
Yoga with Adrienne

I’ve been following Adrienne for years now, so it seems only right to introduce you to her, in all of her peace inducing glory, in case you haven’t yet found her on Youtube . She makes easy to follow Yoga videos and every January for the past three years has created a “yoga challenge”. These month long courses have not only helped me to learn about and improve my yoga, but to improve myself. People tell you this all of the time, but trust me: taking time out for yourself on the daily is so important. Adrienne helps me to do that, and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity! And for how much better my balance is these days.


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