My lecture essentials

Oct 2, 2017

And just like that, my first week of my last year at university is over. I can’t lie, I was expecting the transition from having zero responsibilities during summer to having a to-do list as long as my arm to be a lot harder than it was. I guess I’d forgotten how much of a kick I get out of bullet journal spreads, ticked off tasks and getting shit done. But yes, I’ve actually enjoyed getting back into the swing of things. I even packed my bag the night before my first lecture, like a kid whose just got a new pencil case from WHSmiths. Trust me, that never happens. Especially not when it’s a 10am and the campus coffee is so ridiculously overpriced. Now that I’m in third year I feel like I’ve finally got the perfect lecture backpack down. I’ve found that ideal median between ‘year 7 with food tech and PE on the same day’ and ‘that annoying person who never fails to forget their pen’. I have everything I absolutely need, without the backache of over packing.

My Bullet Journal
Aka my bible. Without this little book, my life would probably fall to pieces. Or I would at least forget to hand in an assignment at some point. As I said in this post, bullet journaling plays a huge part in how I organise my life whilst at university. I use a mix of monthly, weekly and daily spread to construct to-do lists in order of priority. Having it in my backpack means that I can book in meetings and note down any important dates before they inevitably fly out of my ear. A crystal for the day This one isn’t so much a lecture essential as a life essential. Regardless of where I’m going, I always take a crystal with me that I feel encapsulates the mood I want to achieve on that day. In the case of lectures, I tend to lean more towards those that inspire creativity or productivity. Layers

You never know whether a university is going to be Arctic levels of cold or so hot that you wish you’d worn a bikini. Layer up. Reusable water bottle and coffee cup Warm beverages just make early morning or late evening lectures so much more doable. Recently I’ve been loving something called a “London Fog” (an earl grey latte with a pump of vanilla syrup and, in my case, made with almond milk). Of course, I try my best to avoid disposable cups, so I bring my own. I also make sure I bring a water bottle so that I can keep those hydration levels up. Laptop (and all of the chargers) If I write notes by hand, I will lose them. It’s a fact that first year taught me. So, I now exclusively use my laptop during lectures. It’s quick, it’s easy and I can keep everything nicely organised. Plus, there’s something very satisfying about the sound of clicking keys. A podcast Now that I’m not living on campus, I have a twenty minute walk to and from classes. I know, I know, it’s no big deal. But it’s certainly a lot more than the 30 seconds between my old halls and my main lecture room. To make the whole thing a bit sweeter (especially as the mornings get colder) I’ve been listening to some of my favourite podcasts. And yay for upping that step count, I guess!Glasses Obviously. Orange Oil
When caffeine fails, essential oils don’t. As hippie dippie as it sounds, I keep an invigorating orange or citrus oil in my lecture bag. Usually I’ll sprinkle it onto a tissue and give it a sniff when those 3 hours are feeling more like 10.


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