The 7 laziest ways to save the planet

Feb 1, 2019

With experts claiming that we have 12 years to save the planet, more and more people are looking for ways to be sustainable in their everyday lives. But sometimes, looking after the environment can be exhausting. Here are the easiest ways to save the earth from home. 


I am the first to admit that eco-friendly living can be a slight ball-ache.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think the whole “saving the planet” thing makes it worth it. But still, choosing to reduce your plastic waste/shop more sustainably/become vegetarian/whatever else we should be doing, certainly ain’t always easy. Even so much as trying to remember your 10p bags when you go shopping means making a habit shift. That in itself can be bloody difficult.

So, trust me, I’ll never be one of those people that tries to convince you that drastically changing your lifestyle is “way easier than you think!”

In fact, for me, living in a more ethical way has been anything but easy. It’s not like I woke up one day with all of information and tools I needed to save the planet and got on with it. Instead, it’s been a process of continuously making mistakes and getting more than a little bit frustrated with myself, until changes in my habits eventually became second nature.

But – and this is a big “but” – I have realised whilst on this sustainability journey of mine that there are certain things we can do to be kinder to the planet, that even the laziest of people couldn’t convince themselves are too much effort. I’m not talking about bringing a water bottle or buying loose produce: I’m talking about acts that won’t even require you to leave the house. Maybe not even the sofa.

So, whether you’ve got “activist burnout” or just don’t know where to start in becoming more sustainable, here are the easiest earth-friendly actions you can take and still feel smug about.

Woman reading No More Plastic Martin Dorey book

Order your food shop online 

Why go to the supermarket when you could order a week’s worth of food from the comfort of your sofa, whilst watching that episode of Friends where Ross roller-skates to work, ammirite?

By doing an online food shop, you can help to reduce unnecessary car journeys between your home, the supermarket and back again. Instead, your front door will become one of many steps in a single trip. Provided that the supermarket plans out their  journeys properly for the sake of reducing wasted labour time, you’ll also be cutting down on your carbon emissions.

Not having to leave the house, still having a full stocked fridge and knowing that you’re saving the planet in one small way? Now that’s something I can get on board with.

Switch to Ecosia search engine 

The fact that we so mindlessly use the term “Google” as a verb is proof enough that that little search engine is ingrained in our day-to-day lives.

But with a simple switch that doesn’t even require you to get up from your laptop, let alone put on your gardening gloves, you could help to plant trees in places in the world where they are needed most.

Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees in order to help the environment and local economies. This makes the company more than Co2 neutral, since they use 100% renewable energy and each tree they plant removes 1kg of the stuff from the atmosphere.

Do less laundry 

Yep, wait until that basket is literally overflowing with dirty clothes! In fact, go fully “student” and wait until you don’t have a clean pair of pants left to your name.

By reducing your number of washes and packing as much into one cycle as possible, you’ll not only reduce your energy usage but cut down on wasted water, too.

Oh, and while you’re at it, put that baby to 30 degrees.

Switch to paperless 

That way, you won’t even have to go to your front door to collect your post because it’ll be right there in your inbox or your online account. Ask your banks, utility providers and whoever the hell else offers it to stop sending you letters and make everything digital instead.

Save the trees.

Get a milkman 

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s waking up and realising I don’t have any milk for my tea. Seriously, it’s enough to send me out of control even on a good day!

By getting a milkman (for example, through the company Milk and More), you can get your milk delivered to your doorstep in glass bottles. Yay for reducing your plastic! It’s a shame they don’t offer the same for my trusty soya milk. Yet.

Don’t overfill your kettle 

If you’re only making a cuppa for yourself, only put one mug’s worth of water into your kettle. Simple.

Not only will it mean less time waiting for it to boil (that’s a tick for us lazy gals), but it will reduce your unnecessary energy consumption, too. I even got this kettle (affiliate link) which has markers to show the amount of water needed for anything from one up to four mugs. Becuase, trust me, it’s never as much as you think!

Stay informed and spread the good word from the comfort of your bed 

There are tonnes of resources online to help you learn more about climate change, plastic pollution and how you can play your part in creating a more sustainable society, including my newsletter! Without even having to type in a search on Google (or hopefully now on Ecosia!), you’ll get ethical goodness dropped straight in your inbox on a weekly basis to help you on your own journey to more sustainable living.

Gone are the days when you have to take a trip to the library, right?


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