My cruelty-free skincare routine for glowing skin!

Apr 19, 2019

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I’ve been through a lot of skincare routines in my time.

There was the wipe phase, during which I would pretty much just glance at a pack of Primark PS makeup remover wipes and consider my work done. There was that time when I tried my absolute hardest to only use Lush products. And, of course, the oil cleansing period of my life, when I spent more time scrubbing coconut oil off my sink than actually caring for my skin.

My point is, that I’ve tried a lot of products and a lot of combinations of products that never really wowed me (was I really surprised that makeup wipes didn’t give me the face of a goddess?).

But after years of trials and tribulations, I feel like I’ve finally found the skincare equivalent of my glass slipper.

I’ve established the products that take my otherwise very average, normal-dry skin and give it that glow. And “glow” is my ultimate goal in life, to be honest.

As with every area of my life, I’m also always trying to make this part of my daily routine as ethical as possible. All of the products here are completely cruelty-free and any that I’ve bought within the last year are from brands that do some serious good. For example, Tropic, who are carbon-negative, use sustainable materials and are constantly making eco-innovations, and The Body Shop who are a market-leader when it comes to being cruelty-free and Fairtrade.

I’m certainly not perfect, though. Packaging is something that I deffo need to work on. All of it is recyclable and I really do make my products last, but I’m still generating more waste than I would ideally like to.

It’s all a journey, right?

Skincare flatly featuring cruelty-free products from Pixi, The Bodyshop and TropicTo see this routine in action, find my “CF Skincare” story on Instagram!

Morning Cruelty-Free Skincare


My cleanser of choice at the moment is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. There’s definitely not much that I can say on this bad boy that hasn’t already been said thousands of times: It’s a skincare cult classic. And for good reason.

It’s creamy and delicious. When paired with the pure cotton cloths it’s sold with, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean without any “squeaky” dryness.


Do toners actually do anything? I don’t bloody know.

But I got a bottle of the Liz Earle Instant Boost Tonic as part of a set so, obvs, I’m currently using it.

Although I can’t say I think it’s a game changer, it is a bougie extra step to make sure that my skin is as clean as possible and to add a little bit of extra moisture.

I use the toner on my reusable cotton rounds (affiliate links) to reduce waste.


My favourite part of my skincare routine is moisturising and boy do I got to town!

Firstly, I use an eye cream. At the moment my favourite is the Tropic Eye Work rejuvenating serum (gifted). It is divine! Not only does the serum feel like it was gifted from the heavens, but the bottle has a ceramic tip. That means that it stays cool and feels super refreshing to use.

“Sorry, what eye bags?”

Then I go in with The Body Shop’s Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence. It’s super light, so I love using it before makeup, and it has an SPF of 50. Because in my opinion, there’s no point in committing to a skincare routine unless it includes daily SPF. Yes, even if the weather is crappy.

Finally, I use lip balm. Current favourites include the Tropic Lip Fudge (gifted) and The Body Shop’s Shea Lip Butter, which are both miracle workers.


Tropic's Skin Dream pictured next to Tropic's Clear Skin MaskEvening Cruelty-Free Skincare

Remove makeup

Not to be too much of a basic eco-blogger but obvs coconut oil is my makeup remover.

As someone who was previously an avid face-wiper, I use the oil in conjunction with Atlas and Ortus’ reusable face wipes (gifted). They’re ridiculously soft and can be washed and used again and again, meaning less waste!


As in the morning, I use Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. 

Chemically exfoliate

Instead of normal toner in the evening, I use a chemical exfoliating toner in the form of the Pixi Glow Tonic. It’s a 5% glycolic acid and is the only thing that gives me the type of glow I’m constantly chasing.

Again, I use it with reusable cotton rounds (affiliate link).


Much like in the morning, I use the Tropic Eye Work serum and a lip balm in the evening.

However, I use a much, much thicker moisturiser. If my skin doesn’t look actually wet, then the moisturiser isn’t thick enough to be used at nighttime. Skin Dream from Tropic (gifted) is my current love. It’s an “age-defying firming cream concentrate” that makes my skin feel plump, soft and radiant.

If I do say so myself…


Pixi Peel and Polish in a cruelty free skincare flatlay

Bi-Weekly Cruelty-Free Skincare

Twice a week (if I remember) I give my skin a little extra treat. I always do this in the evening, meaning that I use the same system for removing my makeup, cleansing and moisturising as above. However, I don’t use the Pixi Glow Tonic and instead, do the following steps.


To really make sure I get rid of any dead skin cells and unwanted texture, I use the Pixi Peel and Polish. It’s an enzyme peel that combines chemical exfoliation (AHA, in this case), with slight physical exfoliation too.

You can file this one under “always searching for that glow”, too.

Face mask

Of course, I have to have a facemask in there.

I’ll be honest, there’s no type that I’m particularly loyal to. I love Lush ones (Cupcake is my fave), I sometimes make my own with Aztec healing clay and apple cider vinegar and I was also lucky enough to be given the Tropic Clear Skin mask (gifted) which I use on PMS days.

Basically, if it gives me a chance to sit down for 15 minutes and it makes my skin feel nice, I’m on board.

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"My cruelty-free skincare for glowing skin" written under a flatly of natural beauty products


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