7 ethical and eco-friendly Easter eggs for 2019

Apr 5, 2019

My roundup of the 7 best ethical Easter eggs for 2019. I’m talking plastic-free easter eggs, fair trade Easter eggs and vegan Easter eggs, so that you can enjoy all of the chocolatey goodness this month, without harming the planet!

Want to know one thing I hadn’t even thought about until, like, 2 weeks ago?

The amount of bloody waste that we create at Easter!

Now, maybe it’s because I usually spend the day in a chocolate coma or because I just wasn’t as eco-conscious a year ago as I am today, but the thought of all of that foil and plastic didn’t cross my mind until I started seeing eggs crop up in supermarkets last month.

Apparently, every child in the UK now receives an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year. Aside from the fact that I’m massively jealous (I probably got 3 MAX as a kid), it’s not difficult to see how the packaging adds up. And it’s not like what’s inside makes up for it most of the time, either. The vast majority of the chocolate used for Easter eggs isn’t fair trade or organic, meaning that it could be harming people, as well as the planet.

Now, maybe as a responsible ethical lifestyle blogger I should tell you to ditch the eggs altogether. “Who needs chocolate when you can imagine idyllic images of our future-earth, no longer plagued by plastic, right? Eat fresh air instead.”

Obviously though, I’m not going to tell you that. This girl loves a good Easter egg. And who am I to take yours away from you? So, instead of telling you not to buy choccies this month, I’m going to encourage you to instead buy them from some much kinder sources. I’m talking companies that have workers-rights and sustainability built into their practices.

So, whether you care about being low-waste or about the rights of cocoa farmers, and whether you like milk, white, or dark, I can assure you there’s an egg here you’ll love. Probably several.

Plastic-Free Easter Eggs: Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quail Eggs

I mean, we all knew that Hotel Chocolat chocolates tasted incredible, but who knew they had the ethics to match?

These “quail egg” chocolates (a mix of milk, dark, caramels and even a touch of raspberry) come served in a sustainable egg box. It’s made from bagasse, which is a sugarcane by-product that is completely compostable and biodegradable. On top of that, if you buy any Hotel Chocolate products with black plastic packaging, you can return it and the company will send it off to be reused.

Plastic- Free Easter Egg: Montezuma Milk Chocolate Butterscotch Egg

My main problem with a lot of Easter chocolate is the unnecessary plastic. That’s why I’m such a massive fan of this Montezuma egg.

Its packaging is in two parts. Firstly, a rigid biodegradable paper outer shell and paper sleeve. And, secondly, foil wrapping which can be recycled. That means not a single bit of plastic! The egg inside is also organic and is butterscotch flavour, so what’s not to love?

Fairtrade + Vegan Easter Egg: Divine Pink Himalayan Salt Egg (available in Waitrose)

As far as chocolate brands go, you can’t get much better than Divine. They take “Fairtrade” one step further and are actually cocoa farmer-owned, meaning that those who grow their cocoa get a share of profits (not just fair wage) and have a stronger voice in the industry. In fact, their ethical values are so on point that they are a Certified B Corporation.

This egg is vegan, organic and contains no palm oil or soya.

Low-Waste and Vegan Easter Truffles: Booja-Booja Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Large Easter Egg

Did someone say “classy as fuck”? Look at this absolute beauty.

Whilst it’s not technically a chocolate egg, this gorgeously designed solid egg comes filled with Booja-Booja’s infamous vegan truffles. Unlike its disposable peers, the decorative shell of these goodies is made to be kept. On top of that, it is created in collaboration with Persian Dowery, a community of artisans in Kashmir, Northern India. According to the company, the partnership “supports their dying craft, by using a sustainable, eco-friendly and a community-based cooperative model, which helps as many families as possible”.

Fairtrade Easter Egg: Divine Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn Egg

Okay, so I didn’t plan on including two eggs from the same brand but, come on, it’s salted caramel popcorn flavour!

As above, this egg is Fairtrade certified and has sustainability (and popcorn!) at its core. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t a vegan option.

Plastic-Free and Vegan Easter Eggs: Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Mini eggs

Fairtrade, vegan, palm oil free, plastic-free, organic and made in the UK. There’s not really much more you could ask for in terms of sustainability, is there?

These dark chocolate eggs come packaged in a super cute recyclable and biodegradable rabbit box, making it a great option for kids. Or, ya know, me!

Vegan Easter Egg: Plamil Vegan white chocolate egg: (available in Holland and Barrett)

It wouldn’t be right to do a post about Easter eggs and not include some white chocolate, my personal fave. And this one seemed perfect.

Plamil is an incredible vegan food company who are certified organic and, in the case of all of their Easter eggs, use completely recyclable packaging. They are wrapped with recyclable tin foil and are inside a cardboard box. Plus, in case it’s something that you have to consider, this one is wheat and gluten free too!

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