Why you shouldn’t buy Kylie Jenner’s face wipes and 4 eco alternatives

May 16, 2019

Kylie Jenner’s face wipes have been announced as one of the items in the new “Kylie Skin” range, here’s why they’re so God awful for the planet and should be avoided at all costs.

Honestly, I thought that we were past this.

I thought that the jury was out on the whole “using face wipes” thing and that we’d all collectively agreed (beauty lovers and planet lovers alike) that they are an absolute pile of wank.

And, yet, here we are in 2019, with one of the most influential women on the planet launching her very own skincare range featuring the devil itself.

In case you somehow missed it (or have the words “Jenner” and “Kardashian” muted on Twitter), Kylie Jenner has created her a skincare line to go alongside her Kylie Cosmetics products. Touted as “cruelty-free, gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, vegan, [and] dermatologist tested”, no doubt they will totally sell out within a matter of minutes.

Just like everything else the business powerhouse that is Miss Jenner makes.

The range features a whole host of aesthetically pleasing products, from a vanilla milk toner and an eye cream, to a foaming facial wash and walnut face scrub. However, as I said, I want to focus in on the most problematic of them all: the face wipes.

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Reusable cotton rounds which can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to Kylie Jenner's face wipes

Kylie Jenner’s face wipes and the planet

Whilst there’s little doubt from skin specialists about the fact that face wipes are god awful, who am I to tell you what to do with your face? Especially since I used to be a wipe enthusiast myself (a Primark wipe enthusiast, to be exact) back in my teens.

However, it’s the environmental impact of face wipes that I find the most worrying and it’s the reason that I changed my own routine.

Much like baby and anti-bac wipes, makeup wipes are most often made up of a mix of natural fibres such as cotton, and unnatural ones like polypropylene. That means that they usually contain plastic. Which means that they are not biodegradable.

Since they are disposable, and you might get through one or two every single day, you can only imagine the amount of waste that they create on a global scale. Plus, they are a huge contributor to “fatbergs”, those tasty masses of solid waste in sewerage systems, made up of congealed fat and personal hygiene products that have been flushed down our toilets.


So, basically, what I’m saying is that disposable makeup wipes shouldn’t really be a “thing”.

That’s why I was so disappointed to see Kylie Jenner, someone with an unimaginable amount of influence, not only promoting them, but directly selling them, to her fans.

And I wasn’t alone:



The eco alternatives to Kylie Jenner’s Face Wipes:

As I said, I have no doubt that the wipes will fly off the virtual shelves like hotcakes. Even with the ridiculous price tag.

However, if you are looking to make the responsible choice and opt for something a lot more eco-friendly, let me lay out your options for you.

Reusable makeup wipes

Reusable is always better than disposable. It stops waste going to landfill and into our waterways and means that a single purchase could last you years. Yay for not having to make that last minute dash to Boots because you’ve run out!

Reusable face wipes a brilliant eco-alternative to their disposable peers, that you use alongside a cleanser or dedicated makeup remover to take off face and eye makeup. I’m a huge fan of the Atlas and Ortus Soft and Scrub Reusable Face Wipes (gifted), as they have a smooth side that is perfect for getting rid of mascara, and a rougher side which works wonders on foundation.

When you’ve used them, simply rinse them out and pop them in the wash, ready to be used again. And again. And again.

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Reusable face wipes which can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to Kylie Jenner's face wipes

Reusable cotton rounds

If you’re mainly using face wipes for eye makeup, reusable cotton rounds are another brilliant eco option. Unlike reusable face wipes, they’re a bit smaller and often thinner. That means that they can also double as a way for applying toners or to use micellar waters, as they won’t just absorb all of the product!

I’d highly recommend these ones from LittleGreenCrafts. The brushed cotton means that they are gentle on the eye area.

Biodegradable wipes

In the famed words of Caroline Hirons, “Wipes are only for fannies and festivals”.

I’m certainly inclined to agree on that one. BUT if you are a face wipe fan or you need them for on your travels, then there are luckily some more eco-friendly alternatives, with all of the convenience of their fatberg-creating peers.

Thanks to the ever-growing trendiness of eco-living, lots of brands have come out with wipes that are biodegradable. For example, all of the Body Shop’s face wipes, the Faith in Nature 3 in 1 Facial Wipes  and even the Simple Kind To Skin Biodegradable Wipes are much more planet-friendly.

Plus, none of them have a $10 price tag!

…literally just a flannel

Whilst the beauty world might want you to believe you constantly need to be buying the next big thing, sometimes a flannel and some cleanser is the best option going.


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  1. jenna

    May 17th, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    Great post – I think it is so important to stop using one-time use products like face wipes! I usually don’t wear enough makeup to need a separate eco-friendly wipe before I shower, but these are all great alternatives! 🙂
    -Jenna ♥
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  2. Bethany

    July 9th, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    Thank you so much, lovely! x


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