The best solid toiletries: A definitive list

Jul 13, 2019

My favourite solid toiletries, tried and tested by me, so that you don’t have to!

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I know that this will potentially make me an outcast in the sustainable blogging community, but I’ve got a confession to make: I don’t think everything should be packaging-free.

Toothpaste. A good face moisturiser. SPF. I’ve tried a few of each and, frankly, I don’t believe that they’re the sort of products that should be sold “naked”. Certain things just can’t be replicated in solid form, OKAY?!

However, after many, many experiments with solid toiletries, it’s safe to say that I think most things can be replaced with a packaging-free alternative. Not all. But certainly a lot of them!

These days, I use a tonne of solid skincare, haircare and hygiene products out of habit. In fact, I find it hard to imagine going back to having my bathroom cupboards full to the brim with so many bloody plastic bottles. When you find something that does that job just as well (or better!), and doesn’t contribute to our huge pollution issue, what’s not to love?

With Plastic Free July well and truly underway, I’ve had a fair few messages from you lovely lot on Instagram asking for product recommendations. So, as someone who has tried the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to solid toiletries, I thought I would share some of my absolute favourites in the hopes of saving you the same trials and tribulations.

You’re welcome.


Bar of soap, representing plastic-free toiletries

Solid shampoo

One of the first switches that I made when I began attempting to reduce my plastic-usage was to a shampoo bar. To be honest, I was hesitant at first purely based on habit. However, like a lot of good things in my life, I got suckered into it by a Lush employee.

Not only do the Lush shampoo bar last for up to 100 washes and come completely naked, but they also get the job done! They actually leave your hair feeling clean and also smelling EDIBLE.

I’ve tried all of the bars (yes, all of them. I’m obsessed.), but my favourite has to be Seanik. It contains seaweed, salt and lemon meaning that it smells like a day at the beach, but without the ocean plastic that comes along with it! Plus, it’s fab at getting rid of product build-up and gives my hair a lovely shine.


Solid conditioner

I wish that I could speak as highly of the Lush conditioner bars as I do of the shampoo bars but, unfortunately, I just can’t. On my thick, curly hair they barely scratch the surface of moisturisation.

And, having spoken to a lot of people, the general consensus seems to be that they’re pretty crappy.

Until I found the Atlas and Ortus Ultimate Conditioner Bar [AD – Gifted product], I didn’t think that solid conditioners were for me. However, this one works wonders! It’s deeply nourishing, without being oily and, when rubbed straight onto wet hair, it works just as well as its liquid relative.

It doesn’t hurt that it also smells incredible.


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Solid moisturiser

As I said, I’m yet to find a facial moisturiser that well and truly gets the job done, without leaving me feeling like an oily mess.

However, body moisturiser is a whole different story. As long as it’s kept it a cool, dry place and doesn’t melt on your bedside table (totally not talking from personal experience), a massage bar can be a great option. And, of course, I’m going to again recommend Lush for these bags boys!

My fave is the honey-scented, Soft Coeur bar. It is simply delicious.


Solid cleanser

I don’t exclusively use solid cleansers. During the colder months, my skin needs all of the nourishing creaminess it can get. But, in summer, I do like to use the Korres Chamomile and Almond Oil Face and Body Soap [AD – Affiliate link].

It doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin which is a miracle in itself. Plus, it leaves my face makeup-free and feeling fresh. It also comes in a cardboard box, meaning there’s not a trace of plastic in sight.


Bar of soap, representing plastic-free toiletries


Solid bubble bath

There’s little I love more than a bath.

And there’s little that I love more in a bath than a bubble bar!

Whilst Lush is definitely known for its bath bombs, I think that these are their best product. I split mine into four to make them last and still find that they create mounds of bubbles, without the need for a bottle.

As someone with a total sweet tooth when it comes to cosmetics, The Comforter is definitely the one for me. And who doesn’t love pink bath water, honestly?


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Solid shower gel

Are you bored of hearing the word “Lush” yet? Well, soz, but they’re the holy grail of solid toiletries.

When it comes to cleaning your body, it’s of course possible to use a good ol’ bar of soap. Something like the Korres Chamomile and Almond Oil soap [AD – Affiliate link] isn’t drying, for example.

However, if you want something that brings a bit more moisture (which is what I personally prefer), I love the Lush naked shower creams. They’re all pretty fab, but my favourite scent is Sleepy. It’s a glorious mix of Lavander and Tonka that I never get tired of.



Solid hand soap

Switching to a bar of soap over a bottle is one of the easiest changes that you can make on your plastic-free journey. Trust me.

Just invest in a soap dish and find a bar that’s wrapped in cardboard, not plastic. It really is that simple.

However, if you want to treat you and your hands, I’d massively recommend the Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile soap [AD – Affiliate link]. It’s completely vegan and cruelty-free, plus can actually be used for washing your hair and body, too.

Did somebody say, “power product”?


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