2019 Christmas Gift Guide: Sustainable and ethical gifts

Nov 17, 2019

The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide: Fair-trade, eco-friendly, ethical and

sustainable Christmas gifts for everyone on your list!


Let’s get one thing very clear before we dive into this post: I don’t hate Christmas.

I’m not here to ruin the day for you or rant to you about how the holiday is all about capitalist greed, because I’m basically the human incarnation of Buddy the Elf. I bloody love Christmas and I always will, no matter how far along I am on this eco-living journey of mine. 

However, I think we can all agree that December is a pretty wasteful time of the year. It’s twinkly and magical and gingerbread-scented, yes. But it’s certainly not the most sustainable month.

Making more ethical and eco-friendly choices as a consumer is a challenge all year round, but making those choices is even more tricky when you need to buy presents for Aunt Maureen and the secret Santa at work. So, I totally wouldn’t blame you for going down to your local Primark and picking up the first pair of fluffy socks you see and a bath set.

Been there. Done that. Will probably end up doing it again this year when it gets to the 23rd and I realise I’ve forgotten someone. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to be better. I think it’s important that we all do as much as we physically and financially can to support ethical and sustainable companies, but especially at such a wasteful time of year. So, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you all by taking the search out of your present buying.

In the guide below I’ve bought together a whole host of items perfect for gifting, but with the sustainable and ethical morals to make them worth investing in. Whether it’s low-waste packaging, cruelty-free cosmetics, independent businesses or companies that give back in some way, each and every one of these gifts comes from companies that actually deserve your money this festive season.


Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2019

  1. Lip Fudge plumping lip conditioner by Tropic 
  2. Black vegan leather watch by Votch and Grey vegan leather watch by Votch
  3. Goddess perfume by Lush 
  4. Lavender soap by Atlas and Ortus 
  5. Mini Luxury Bath Foam Collection by Tropic 
  6. Cacao Liqueur by FAIR and Pomegranate Liqueur FAIR 
  7. Cocoa Loco Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Spoon 
  8. Divine chocolate coins 
  9. Black crossbody bag by Matt and Nat
  10. Jar candles from The Recycled Candle Company
  11. English breakfast tea by Clipper
  12. Pacifica perfume rollerball  
  13. Coffee by Percol
  14. White and cork mug by Every Origin and Grey and cork mug by Every Origin 
  15. Coffee maker with stainless steel filter by Eva Solo
  16. Green Bath Potion by MOA via Persephone Beauty 
  17. Mens shaving brush and soap set by Dalit 
  18. The Daily Glow face oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals and  Big Strong Man beard oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals via Persephone
  19. Noble Nudes nail varnishes by Nailberry 
  20. Divine Orange and Ginger chocolate bar
  21. Divine luxury chocolate hamper 
  22. Landson Green Label Organic Brut Champagne 
  23. Recycled glass champagne flutes by Grehom 
  24. Divine Drinking Chocolate
  25. Organic Constellation PJ set by Thought 
  26. Kiko landscape brass frame and Kiko portrait brass frame
  27. Organic Sleepy Socks by Thought and Men’s Cabin Organic Cotton Socks by Thought
  28. Inner Strength, Outer Beauty collection from TRUE 
  29. Pure Wool Throw by Natural Collection 
  30. Pants and socks set by Organic Basics
  31. Cinnamon Orange and Retro Tree bath oil bars from Lush 
  32. Vegan Biscoff Fudge by FabFudge 
  33. Luva Huva Knicker Set


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   Ethical and sustainable Christmas gift guide   The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide: Fair-trade, eco-friendly and ethical gifts for everyone on your list



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