The ultimate eco kitchen checklist [AD]

May 8, 2020

This blog post is part of a sponsored collaboration with World of Bamboo.  All opinions are my own and the products that I mention are genuine eco friendly kitchen products that I use!


Have you reached the part of your eco-living journey yet where you become hyper-aware of your waste?

If not, BOY have you got something to look forward to,

I can remember pretty vividly the moment that I realised my kitchen habits needed some serious adjusting if I wanted to fulfill all of my wildest eco-friendly dreams. It was bin day. And as I waddled outside in my slippers because I’d (obviously) forgotten to put the rubbish out the night before, it hit me just how much I was actually leaving for the bin men to collect.

To go where?

Best case scenario to get recycled (still a very energy-consuming process when it happens). Worst case scenario to go to landfill.

Whilst I’d already made some of the classic sustainable switches, I knew in that moment that shampoo bars and a reusable water bottle weren’t enough. I needed to clean up my act in the kitchen and massively cut down my waste.

Over the past few years I have tried a lot of products and swapped out a LOT of items as a part of this mission. Now that I’ve built up much more sustainable habits, it seemed only right to share them with you all. So, if you want to know what an eco-warrior’s kitchen looks like, step on in… 

Eco-Friendly kitchen product essentials

Utensils and food storage 

Bamboo utensils 

If you take packed lunches or get takeaway food whilst on the go, these are going to be a total game changer for you! Bamboo utensils stop you from having to pick up disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons, whilst also being nice and light in your bag.

Unlike plastic which is obviously not biodegradable, bamboo is. Plus, it’s a completely renewable resource that grows pretty rapidly, reaching full-size in about 3-4 months!

My favourite is World of Bamboo’s Eco-friendly cutlery set . It’s beyond handy and even comes in a travel pouch to keep everything clean and in one place.


Eco-Friendly kitchen product essentials

Produce bags 

It’s pretty easy to find fruit and veg loose in larger chain shops. Instead of using the thin plastic bags provided in-store, bring your own reusable produce bags. I make sure that my kitchen is stocked up with these, to help me aim towards buying as little packaging as possible in my weekly shop. 


Reusable straws

We all know that we should be avoiding plastic straws if possible, right?

The UK consumes around 8.5 billion of the things per year (Green Match). These can litter coastlines, sit in landfill and are not widely recyclable. If it’s physically possible for you to ditch plastic straws, opt for these brilliant bamboo ones from World of Bamboo. They’re organic, sustainable and come with a handy dandy cleaning brush. 


Eco-Friendly kitchen product essentials 

Reusable food storage 

Whether it’s old glass jars, tupperware pots or beeswax wrap, try to focus on reusable ways to store your food, as opposed to tin foil and cling film.

My personal favourite eco-friendly option is Stasher Bags. They’re made from silicone and can be put in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge and freezer, as well as being completely reusable. 


A cafetière and loose leaf tea strainer 

A lot of tea bags actually contain plastic which is used to seal the bags together. This means that, as they biodegrade, they can introduce microplastics into our ecosystem. 

And don’t even get me started on coffee machine pods…

To solve this problem I opt for loose leaf tea from companies like TeaPigs or Bird & Blend Tea Company, which I pair with a tea strainer. For coffee, I was recently gifted some grounds in completely recyclable packaging from Lost Sheep, which is incredible when made in my cafetière. 



Plant-based dish scrubbers

Did you know that most sponges are made of plastic? Yep, those little yellow ones that you can buy just about everywhere are pretty awful for the planet. Once thrown away, they can take years to biodegrade. 

As an eco-conscious alternative, buy these clever biodegradable dish sponges from World of Bamboo. They’re made from the loofah plant and have become an instant essential for me! They’re tough enough to get cooked-on grime off pans, but don’t scratch crockery. Plus, you get 6 of these beauties in one pack. Life saver, ammirite?

Eco-Friendly kitchen product essentials

Eco-friendly dish soap 

Opt for companies like Method that implement sustainable production processes and avoid toxic ingredients, or choose a bar dish soap instead of a bottle to reduce your plastic consumption.


Sustainable dishwasher tablets 

I recently ordered my first set of Smol dishwasher tablets. They come in cardboard packaging that is 100% recyclable and they are delivered to your door. What’s not to love?


Eco-friendly anti bac and reusable cloths

Make your own spray cleaners, or opt for more eco-conscious brands like Method, Eco Vibe or EcoZone. Plus, pair them with reusable cloths instead of cleaning wipes and disposable towels. 



Compost bin and compostable bags

Food waste is a pet peeve of mine. But sometimes it’s unavoidable.

That’s why every eco-warrior’s kitchen needs to have a compost caddy and compostable bin liners stocked up. It’s a non-negotiable!


There you have it. Implementing these shifts over the space for a few years has cut back on my waste considerably and has now just become a way of life. So, don’t feel like you have to have the perfectly eco-friendly kitchen straight away. Or ever!

Instead, focus on switching small items one by one, to start pushing yourself towards a much greener house overall.

Have I convinced you? Then save this handy little checklist to Pinterest for later so that you can work through it:



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